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Contact: filippo.cardano2[at]unina.it

Official accademic webpage: https://www.docenti.unina.it/filippo.cardano2

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ORCID: 0000-0002-7828-3819
SCOPUS ID: 55170908800

Current address:
Complesso Univ. Monte S. Angelo/Dip. di Fisica/Stanza 1Ma03
80126 Napoli (Italy)

Tel. +39 081 676113
Room 1G13

Brief scientific profile

Filippo Cardano is a university researcher of experimental physics of matter at the Physics Department of the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA). He obtained a BSc (Laurea Triennale) and a MSc (Laurea Magistrale) in Physics at UNINA in 2009 and 2011, respectively, both with maximum honours. From 2012 to 2015 he was a PhD student at UNINA, working on the engineering of spin-orbit phenomena in classical and quantum photonics states, under the supervision of Prof. Lorenzo Marrucci and Prof. Enrico Santamato. During this period, he spent a few months in the Quantum Optics Group led by Prof. Fabio Sciarrino at La Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy), and in the Quantum Photonics Group, led by Prof. Robert W. Boyd at the University of Ottawa (Canada). After completing his PhD, he trained as a post-doc at UNINA from 2015 to 2017, working in the Structured Light and Matter group, led by Prof. Lorenzo Marrucci. The core of his research activity is the study of spin-orbit phenomena associated with optical fields, oriented at tailoring such an interaction in different architectures [Nature Photonics 9, 776-778 (2015)]. He expanded these concepts in a variety of physical scenarios, such as classical entanglement, generation and detection of complex spin-orbit single photon states, interaction of these structured fields with material systems. He obtained his major achievements in the photonic simulations of quantum dynamics [Science Advances 1, e1500087 (2015)], identifying novel fundamental effects associated with topological phases [Nature Communications 7, 11439 (2016), Nature Communications 8, 15516 (2017)], and in developing simple and versatile approaches to generate [Applied Optics 51, C1-C6 (2012)] and characterize [Optica 4, 1350-1357 (2017)] structured optical fields, given by the complex superposition of polarization and orbital angular momentum photonic states. He is currently leading the group division working on engineering and characterizing complex and high-dimensional spatially structured photonic states, both for classical fields and single-photon quantum states, and on the simulation of quantum topological systems exploiting spatial modes of light and spin-orbit interaction. 

A more detailed version of his CV is available here.

Selected publications

Topological characterization of chiral models through their long time dynamics
M. Maffei, A. Dauphin, F. Cardano, M. Lewenstein, P. Massignan, New Journal of Physics 20, 013023 (2018), [Link]

Measuring the complex orbital angular momentum spectrum and spatial mode decomposition of structured light beams
A. D'Errico, R. D'Amelio, B. Piccirillo, F. Cardano, L. Marrucci, Optica 4, 1350-1357 (2017), [Link]

Detection of Zak phases and topological invariants in quantum walk of twisted photons
F. Cardano, A. D'Errico, A. Dauphin, M. Maffei, B. Piccirillo, C. de Lisio, G. De Filippis, V. Cataudella, E. Santamato, L. Marrucci, M. Lewenstein, P. Massignan, Nature Communications 8, 15516 (2017) [Link] [PDF] (Supplementary material)

Statistical moments of quantum-walk dynamics reveal topological quantum transitions
F. Cardano, M. Maffei, F. Massa, B. Piccirillo, C. de Lisio, G. De Filippis, V. Cataudella, E. Santamato, L. Marrucci, Nature Communications 7, 11439 (2016) [Link] [PDF] (Supplementary material)

Spin-orbit photonics
F. Cardano, L. Marrucci, Nature Photonics 9, 776-778 (2015) [Link]

Quantum walks and wavepacket dynamics with twisted photons
F. Cardano, F. Massa, H. Qassim, E. Karimi, S. Slussarenko, D. Paparo, C. de Lisio, F. Sciarrino, E. Santamato, R. W. Boyd, L. Marrucci, Science Advances 1, e1500087 (2015)  [Link] [PDF] (Supplementary material)

Generation and dynamics of optical beams with polarization singularities
F. Cardano, E. Karimi, L. Marrucci, C. de Lisio, E. Santamato, Opt. Express 21, 8815-8820 (2013) [Link] [PDF]

Polarization pattern of vector vortex beams generated by q-plates with different topological charges
F. Cardano, E. Karimi, S. Slussarenko, L. Marrucci, C. de Lisio, E. Santamato, Appl. Opt. 51, C1-C6 (2012) [Link] [PDF© OSA 2012