Abstracts of seminars presented by the member of Fiebig's group during the visit to our department.

Prof. Manfred Fiebig:

"Introduction to Multifunctional Ferroic Materials Group".

Dr. Thomas Lottermoser: "Nonlinear optics as a tool to study

Abstract: Due to its strict relation to symmetry, nonlinear optics is an
ideal and versatile method to study (multi-)ferroic materials. It allows
to explore the often complex phase diagrams of these compounds and to
investigate their magnetic, electronic and optical properties. Because
light is the fastest possible probe, it even allows to learn about their
dynamics down to the fs time scale. In this talk, I will focus on another
field of application, the imaging of ferroic domain structures. I will
illustrate this topic by presenting a few of the actual projects from our

Dr. Morgan Trassin: "Monitoring the emergence of polarization in
ferroelectric oxide heterostructures"

Abstract: We investigate the emergence of the ferroelectric polarization
in ultra-thin ferroelectric and multiferroic films and monitor in-situ the
optical non-linear response of the film during the growth. We find that
the ferroelectric critical thickness and domain state can be measured
in-situ during the film deposition. Our work provides direct observation
of ferroelectric states during the growth as well as new insights towards
further control of ferroelectric-based heterostructure.

Jannis Lehmann: "Investigating ferroic order with scanning probe microscopy"

Abstract: Modern scanning probe microscopy (SPM) utilizes many measurement
modes for high-resolution imaging of different surface properties. In our
research group, we apply some of these techniques using commercial atomic
force microscopes (AFMs) to examine electric and magnetic phenomena
resulting from long-range order in ferroic crystals. In this talk, we
present our devices and explain their main features and measurement modes.
We further show scientific highlights obtained from SPM investigations on
hexagonal manganites, artificial ferroics and helical spin-spiral systems.