17.01.2018 - An observable recently introduced in quantum systems featuring chiral symmetry, the so called chiral displacement, allows to read-out the associated topological invariants. A generalization of this approach to systems with high-dimensional internal structure, or quantum walks with high-dimensional coins, is demonstrated in a paper published today by New Journal of Physics. [Link]   

27.10.2017 - A few images and Fourier analysis allows to accuratly read out the OAM power spectrum of light beams. Read the full paper in Optica! [Link]

29.06.2017 - Monstar polarization singularities can be generated using elliptical q-plates. Read the full paper in Optics Express! [Link


27.06.2017 - The "Multifunctional Ferroic Materials Group" led by Prof. Manfred Fiebig at ETH in Zurich visits our department, hosted by the SLAM group.


01.06.2017 - The research about the detection of topological invariants in quantum walks of twisted photons has now been published in Nature Communications. [Link]

27.02.2017 -  A paper by F. Cardano, avalaible in the SPIE Proceedings, presents some aspects of our platform for simulating quantum walks and topological phases of matter. [Link]

13.02.2017 - A new study on light guiding exploiting Pancharatnam-Berry phase in inhomogeneous media has been published today by the journal Physical Review A. [Link]

07.02.2017 - Our paper by J. JJ Nivas et al., in collaboration with the group led by Prof. Amoruso, has been published today by the journal Scientific Reports. [Link]

13.01.2017 - The journal Scientific Reports has published today our paper about the investigation of topological features of vector vortex beams perturbed with uniformly polarized light. [Link]